The Possibility of Language: Seven New Poets

Edited by Jeffrey Roessner

Possibility of LanguageIn a poetic scene that is divided among a number of opposing schools of thought, it is all too easy for poets to identify themselves with one camp or another. The seven young poets collected in this anthology (all of whom learned their craft at the University of Notre Dame) are aware of the conflicts inherent in the current poetic landscape, and approach their poems with a keen eye and a critical intelligence. Contributors include Robert Archambeau, Mike Barrett, Joe Francis Doerr, Beth Ann Fennelly, Jere Odell, Mike Smith, and Kymberly Taylor.

Available October 2001

Vectors: New Poetics

Edited by Robert Archambeau

Vectors: New PoeticsTo anyone observing the current state of English-language poetry, it has become increasingly apparent that we are in a state of transition in which poetry is moving in several directions at once (Language poetry, MFA-inspired confessional verse, New Formalism). This book is the first of its kind, gathering young poets who, working outside the established camps, develop new directions in contemporary poetry. Contributors include: Frank Rogaczewski, Brooke Bergan, Randolph Healy, Mike Barrett, Eric Elshtain, Trevor Joyce, Catherine Kasper, Karen Mac Cormack, and Peter Middleton.

Available October 2001


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