Two from Where if Not Here by Anselm Hollo

“the ideal story is that of two people
who go into love    step for step
with a fluttered consciousness
like a pair of children venturing together
into a dark room” yeah right but then
& the relentless Surroundarama
Split-Screen Spectacle of
Everyday Life    & Things to Do
but it’s still a terrific idea
since being what or who is also just with
in days and nights of beaucoup conscious disquiet
though sometimes it’s not so easy
to reinsert oneself into the mortal coil

give up your ampersands & lowercase ‘i’s
they still won’t like you
the bosses of official verse culture
(U.S. branch)    but kidding aside
I motored off that map a long time ago
yet have old friends
still happily romping in the English lyric
and Reverdy! dear Reverdy! so much of him rhymes
it must be poésie    ma chérie …
looks at the stacks of books on the floor
gods help us, dear poets
pass the salt pass the mustard
hike the present
or the hypothetically honest horse-drawn past

Issue Three

Editorial: The Swedish Army Knife

Gunnar Harding

Anselm Hollo

Marie Lundquist

Göran Printz-Påhlson

Göran Sonnevi

Jesper Svenbro

Pia Tafdrup

Søren Ulrik Thomsen

Tomas Tranströmer

Gungerd Wilkholm

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