Midday, No Shadows Distort Suburbia by Catherine Kasper

Midday, no shadows
distort suburbia
its mowed green sensibility
instrument of the general work process
other phrases
said in cafés

On a bench she appears
white haired woman, mother
cement angel leaning
elbows on her knees, staring
at earwigs gathered
in the folds
of her wings

Would you find me there
or here, tangled in
the family rosary
artificial wounds
thin hip bone protrusion
of hunger?

wrist, ankles, fingers
stitched together
serpent, dragon, watercolors
masking taped to

line of shiny beetles
in sticky reversal
a riddle of once upon
self-punishment’s skin
mother, pray for us

to tell her story
because you hear
of childhood failure
the winged sandals
the seven-mile boots
the magic hood, the bag of

damp, wavy spine
nightlit room
chiffon dresses, pale
scarred cheeks
around which bordered
cut-out lines

these pages
more palatable to you
be careful what you
wish for, you might
get it

hidden behind
an idea’s perfection
anonymous smiles

In a dermatologist’s office
exposed to radiation
convent novice
burnt to

take these pores
heredity’s image
dry-ice purification
peeling back is

american beauty roses
coated in aphid dust
worried hand in ledgers
garbage bags folded, sorted
mirror shrouded
in sheets

encyclopedia, e.g., melanoma
plastic surgery
at the scalpel’s edge
thy will be done

Remove yourself
to a paneled basement
concrete garage
where a bicycle flies
in the blur
of endorphins

similar always endures
the splayed edge
how many borne?

walk the dog
in yo-yo proportions
fur of imagination
stroked, calmed
cowering under
the kitchen table

shame, the back hand
of semi-consciousness
words that permeate
the plaster wall
between our beds

a child sleepwalks
into the street
transfiguration of hollow moon light
of the corrupt body

sock grown
into ankle, itch true fabric
a clotted story’s woven fibers
waiting for your word
and I shall be healed

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