Believe it Or Not by Reesom Haile

Believe it or not,
They want to kill us.

Remember the Italians
Who invaded and said
Eat but donít speak?

Remember the English
Who invaded and said
Speak but donít eat?

Remember the Amharas
Who invaded and said
Donít speak and donít eat?

Still weíre shocked
The Weyanes invaded
And said You should be dead.

Believe it or not
They want to kill us...

And forced to choose,
Weíll always stand
By our martyrs Ė
No way weíll lose.

Young and old
Defenders of our land,
I stand with you,
You stand with me,
And God makes three.
Believe it!

Issue Six

Editorial: Out of Africa


Harriet Zinnes

Reesom Haile

Michael Smith

Michael Leddy

Frank Rogaczewski

Devin Johnston

Steven Teref

Samuel Hazo

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