30 by Steven Teref

I have reached halfway
give or take a decade

I hear the tug-of-war
played at night
their thick shoulders bumping into the walls

it is not the house that shifts & settles
it has all day to do that

my time creaks
keeping me awake
when I try to sleep

Sada Ovde

Among the hundred mole-stars
a scar by her breast
marks the place from which
Ive fallen, her skin
a negative of that other sky

I am the shadow-fruit
she bites into
reminds her of that tearing
covering my body in Cyrillic I write:
sada ovde now here

Issue Six

Editorial: Out of Africa


Harriet Zinnes

Reesom Haile

Michael Smith

Michael Leddy

Frank Rogaczewski

Devin Johnston

Steven Teref

Samuel Hazo

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